The Ukrainian Academy of Dance offers classes in Ukrainian Boys and Girls Technique and Ukrainian Folk Dance. Preparatory classes are offered for ages 3 & 4 in Creative Movement for Ukrainians.  Ukrainian classes begin for age 4 & 5 if the dancer is ready.  All ages and levels are available, with the upper levels by audition only (Jr. Ensemble and Ensemble). Arkan Dance Company is admissible only by audition. Our affiliate school, Stefura Dance Studios offers Modern Dance, Junior Creative Movement, Jazz Dance, Classical Ballet (Cecchetti), Pointe , Hip Hop and Acro .

All students are guaranteed to perform at a professional caliber annual concert at the Living Arts Centre in Mississauga during the month of May.  Non-Ukrainian Dance students have costumes specially sewn for them to wear for the concert, which are theirs to keep each year.  Ukrainian Dance students have access to a vast wardrobe of regional costumes acquired from across Ukraine and Canada.  There is a photographer and a videographer present at the year-end concert from Pickart Photo, and photos and videos are available for purchase the summer following the concert.  Professional class photos are also taken in costume each year in March and are available for purchase.

Each dancer will receive a studio t-shirt in the fall as well as a professional photo package (individual and group photo) in the spring.

To experience dance in the higher levels of The Academy or with Arkan Dance Company is to experience a world of cultural appreciation, performance, travel and excitement, as well as increased self-confidence, discipline, hard work and dedication. 

 Arkan Dance Company is a semi-professional performing and touring dance company available by audition only to those skilled in ballet, acrobatics, and Ukrainian dancing.  If you are a skilled dancer aged 16 or older, consider joining a group that is going places; Florida `95, Taiwan `96,  Brazil  `97, Dauphin,Manitoba `98, China `99, Nova Scotia `01, Drummondville, Quebec `01, Ukraine `03, Mexico ’04,Dauphin, Manitoba `05, Drummondville, Quebec `05, Turkey ’06, New York ’08 & ’09, Italy ’09, South Korea ’10, St.Petersburg & Orlando ’12, ’13, Boston and New York City ‘14and much more to come.

In 2012 our newly formed Jr. Performing groups began touring with Arkan, including children as young as 8! For more information on admittance to our performing groups please see our class offerings or contact us. 


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